Work stations

We offer family offices at two different locations: Philosophenweg and Mathematikon. In doing so, we hope to give our employees the possibility to work while looking after children. The following map shows the two locations of our offices:

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Philosophenweg Location

Albert-Überle-Straße 3-5, 69120 Heidelberg.
Use of the room is very flexible.

Philosophenweg work station 1

Philosophenweg work station 2

Philosophenweg meeting room

Storage space for prams, children’s bicycles etc., cloakroom with coat hooks for adults and children, shoe rack with seat, electronic key safe, meeting table with large-screen monitor (Displayport, HDMI, VGA) and glass board, drawing materials and blackboard, gym mat and beanbag, kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine and kettle, large play corner with construction carpet, two workstations with office supplies and computer, printer and telephone, breastfeeding room with armchair, baby cot, changing table and tent

Impressions from Philosophenweg


Mathematikon location

Berliner Straße 47, 69120 Heidelberg
open during office hours


Mathematikon work station 1

Mathematikon work station 2

Mathematikon work station 3


Two workrooms with telephone, office material, one play corner each, workstation 3 with computer screen to connect laptop, kitchen in the corridor, beanbag, rocking horse, painting table, blackboard

Impressions from Mathematikon